10 Creative Products

Microsoft HoloLens – This headset creates 3D holograms that you can manipulate and interact with.


Chevrolet Bolt – 200 mile range Electric Vehicle for $30k has large range for an electric car as well as decent price tag.


Sony MDR-V55 Headphones – Cheap, comfortable headphones, comparable to most $200 models for a lot less.


Voltaic Solar Backpack – Can charge electronic devices.


PORTEL iPhone Wallet – Masculine iphone case that holds cash and a few cards.


“Hug Chair” by Ilian Milinov – Goofy looking chair with extended arm rest to set fun things on, like your bf/gf or laptop or snacks.


Eaux Eaux Sink by Joel Roberts – Cool loopy sink; I’m interested to see how it works. Looks like it would splash a lot or overflow.


LEDoor Handle – Nifty flashlight/door handle combo. Light helps you find the handle in the dark, plus you can take the end with you to shine your way.


Charging Tap – Interesting take on a USB connector. Charges USB compatible devices.


Training Dresser by Peter Bristol – Helpful design for the organizationally impaired.



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