10 More Creative Products

Bamboo Water Bottle – Strong, renewable, and stylish water bottle design. Bamboo grows way faster than I thought, apparently.


Sound System in a Jacket – Combines headphones, stereo system, and stylish jacket into machine-washable one.


Dusi Tea Kettle – Innovative kettle that goes from boiling the water to adding tea leaves to pouring the tea in a simple design. Also, it looks like a bong, which made me laugh – so appealing aesthetics I guess.


500 GB DeLorean USB Drive – Totally awesome flash drive design.


athos intelligent performance apparel – smart workout gear analyzes performance in real-time during exercise.


lapka + google environment sensors – lapka designs different modules for googles project. They detect environmental and personal changes; measuring things like CO2 levels and air conditions, heart rate and how well medicines are working, as well as blood alcohol levels.


Ford GT carbon fiber supercar – The combination of aerodynamics, light weight materials, and “ultra-efficient” eco-boost V6 engine produce over 600 hp.


goat by desnahemisfera – Sweet coffee mug thats shaped like a horn. The holder that keeps your hand from burning flips over and becomes a stand for the mug. Also, it comes with two different length straps that can be linked together so it can be worn over the shoulder.

desnahemisfera-goat-mug-coffee-designboom-07          desnahemisfera-goat-mug-coffee-designboom-04

Argodesign’s drone ambulance – designed to quickly get to emergency situations and land in small areas or on difficult terrain.


flyability drone – a drone protected during collisions by a rotating cage.



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