20 Creative Quotes

“Creativity lives inside each and every one of us.” – Grant

“Being creative means making mistakes.” – Grant

“A creative mind is not afraid to be wrong.” – Grant

“Every mistake is leading you closer to the right answer.” – Grant

“Your experiences will shape you into exactly what you are meant to be.” – Grant

“Your creativity looks like no one elses.” – Grant

“You can’t force creativity, you have to let it flow.” – Grant

“Creativity is showing others how you see the world through your own eyes.” – Grant

“Not every creative person is an artist, but every artist is a creative person.” – Grant

“Creativity shapes the world around us.” – Grant

“Limitations are imaginary.” – Grant

“The bad things in life will shape you just as much as the good things.” – Grant

“Find inspiration in all that you do.” – Grant

“Creativity will always pay dividends.” – Grant

“Creativity can lead you to new and amazing places.” – Grant

“Creativity will change the world.” – Grant

“Discover yourself and how creative you can be.” – Grant

“Exploring the world builds on your creativity.” – Grant

“Push yourself to push your creativity.” – Grant

“Know that mistakes lead to great things.” – Grant


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