Product Post #7


This is my final concept! I used wood and made it simpler than my drawings because I ran into some technical problems.


Product Post #6


The final concept that I came up with this past week. I am familiar with wood working, so I will probably go that route for materials. But if I were to push this into production, I would make it out of metal or some hard plastic for more durability.

Product Post #5

WP_20150420_005┬áThe simplest design I came up with this week. Round/oval shape phone rests snuggly at a 15 degree angle. I would hope to add a way to keep the phone charged while its playing, so that the battery didn’t run out, but got a little charge!

Product Post #4

thL8M69GXS android_incredible_phone_stand_-_3q_product_page[1] AEY009-KK_ELEPHANT_MOBILE_PHONE_STAND[1]

After looking at Phone cases and sketching some concepts of my own, I have come to the conclusion that there is a bigger demand for phone stands. Phone (kick)stands are used to prop up a mobile device to watch video clips or listen to music. Some of them even amplify the sound that is played during the videos.